Friday, 8 November 2013

Terror Suspect And Fugitive Sues British Govt £1M

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed,27 (pictured) terror suspect and now fugitive who escaped from police in a mosque in London wearing a Burka provoked fury last night when he demanded up to £1million in compensation from Britain’s taxpayers in yet another human rights fiasco.

To everyone’s surprise at Westminster yesterday, the High Court ruled that the terror suspect can make a claim for civil damages using legal aid – despite being on the run.

It came as Sir John Sawers, the head of MI6, told a public hearing that the intelligence agencies had been ‘sickened’ by terrorists getting large payouts through unfounded compensation claims.

Mohamed alleges he was ill-treated after his arrest in Somaliland in 2011.

The jihadist, linked to the murderous Al Shabaab gang, is suspected of receiving terror training overseas and plotting attacks against western interests.

But his lawyers claim he was mistreated by his Somaliland interrogators with the knowledge of British security agents and are demanding huge sums in compensation for breach of Labour’s Human Rights Act.

The fact Mohamed is on the run – after cutting off his tagging device at a London mosque last Friday – has not halted the case.

A second compensation claim is being made by another alleged jihadist, known only by the initials CF.

The case sparked incredulity at Westminster and new demands are being made for the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.

If Mohamed is ever caught, he will still be entitled to pocket any award of compensation. Senior Tory backbencher Sir Gerald Howarth said the claim was a farce.

‘The abuse of the human rights legislation has now reached such offensive proportions that I think we will have to consider repealing it in this Parliament,’ he said.

The Fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is said to be know the White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite. Remember her? At the Kenyan Mall massacre…see picture below
High court bid: Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27, who is on the run after fleeing in a burka, has submitted a human rights claimSamantha Lewthwaite

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