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Nigeria: Crowd Nearly Lynches A Businesswoman In Aba For Being A 'Cat Witch'

A businesswoman in Aba, Abia State, Mrs. Ngozi Okoye has her stars to thank for narrowly escaping being lynched over the disappearance of a mysterious cat, suspected to be a product of witchcraft.

Ironically, she was the victim of the cat that was initially found in her home and it took the intervention of journalists and policemen to save her from a mob action.

Narrating her ordeal,Mrs. Okoye said for long, she had observed that money she kept in a firmly locked cardboard in her room at No.1 Obu Street/Obohia Road in Aba was always  missing mysteriously.
The woman, who sells fruits near the Aba Shopping Centre, said at a point, she suspected her children and kept a watch on them.

But when she realized that her children were innocent, she reasoned that what was happening to her had spiritual undertone and reported the matter to a man of God.

Video: Watch 5 Months Pregnant Kaffy Dance @ The Closing Ceremony Of Project Fame

At 5 months of pregnancy gone...Entertained or shocked?....What was her husband thinking right?LOL

Nigerian Socialite, Bianca Johnson Reacts To Jim Iyke's Deliverance At SCOAN

The Nigerian Socialite, Bianca Johnson, today issued a statement concerning how Nigerians made a big deal out of Jim Iyke's deliverance at the SCOAN and said little or nothing about the students who were killed while sleeping in their hostels in Yobe State on the same day.

See her reaction below;
Actor Jim Iyke went to TB Joshua to get deliverance and it went viral...same day Boko Haram militant shot and killed over 60 students in Yobe college dorm while they sleep, Nigerians swept it under the rug, business as usual. Who gives a damn if Jim has 99 demons...I guess 60 innocent and harmless dead bodies are not as sensational as Jim Iyke. May their souls rest in peace. Amen!

NIGERIA: PHCN Workers protest Company's takeover By Foreign Investors

Having handed MOU’s, licences and all necessary documents of the proposed deal over to the 14 new investors in PHCN(Power Holding Company of Nigeria )and with an assurance to Nigerians that things will get better in the power sector, ex-PHCN staff have taken to the streets to protest against the new development. Their anger is backed by their unpaid salary owed them by the Federal Government. The staff who protested this morning in PHCN Government offices in Abuja and Lagos warned the new investors to stay away from power installations for now until their demands are met.

Meanwhile, President Jonathan has described the process of the privatisation programme as the most transparent in the history of privatisation in the country.

I hate to sound selfish, but for the first time, ill say this is good riddance to bad rubbish, but only if Mr President has consummated this deal the right way. However i urge stakeholders to pay the ex workers all that is due to them.

Spot The Difference! Beyonce & The Lion

Can you spot any difference? I guess not.
LMAO!... No disrespect to my wonderful diva...this is just humour.

Man,50 Must Prove He Is Over 18 Before Being Allowed To Buy Booze At Morrison's!!

You just can never guess how old Charles Brown( pictured above ) is............ Read the story

Father-of-three Charles Brown (pictured), 50, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was asked to provide an ID by a female cashier at his local Morrison's store in Elland where he went to get some booze. Mr Brown, whose oldest child is 30, thought she was joking but when he told her his age she still was not convinced. She called a manager who also insisted on seeing some ID after Mr Brown told her his age.

Morrison’s has a policy of challenging customers to prove they are over the age of 25 before they are allowed to buy alcohol.

The man is not only 50,he has 3 kids - Natasha, 30, Ethan, 28, and Evont’e, 17. He is married to midwife Tracey.

Hey if you were the cashier, what will you have done, seeing the looks of this dude? He sure looks good for his age.

Tears Of Sorrow As Death Toll Hit 78 In Yobe Attack

Fresh figures increasing the total number of casualties in the inhuman attack on college students at the College of Agriculure, Gujba ,Yobe State are becoming frightening as total number of casualties hit 78. At least 50 of these students were attacked with swords, knives and guns in the early hours of yesterday morning as they slept in their hostel. 

While some were shot, others were butchered with swords and knives like animals. The gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram sect members later moved to houses around the hostel, killing residents they find. They blocked the Damaturu-Maiduguri road and freely killed travellers. At the time of this report, 78 bodies have so far been counted, with many more still unaccounted for. 
Read below the account of one of the student who was lucky to have survived...

Celeb Watch: The Rise And Rise Of IcePrince Zamani

When the other guy that used to follow MI around released his first solo single 'Oleku' in 2007, little did the hip hop world know that the best International Act Africa 2013 was being birthed. When asked if he knew he was goin' to explode? He said
''Back in 2008 and 2009 when MI was 'bigging' me up, talking about how he had another bad rapper with him, I used to be really scared. I never knew it was goin' to turn out like this cause i didn't think of myself as a bad rapper as such.''
#i'mchimming# Trying to be modest yea? Even MI Abaga recognised that the young cat with him had stupenduos potentials. Lil' wonder he got him signed to Chocolate city.

This is the section where I would be showcasing the lives and times and struggles of fav. celebrities around the globe in real printed styled format. Just a 15mins read and you'll have all you wanna know about your celebs. Follow me..will you?

Panshak Zamani, better known by his stage name Ice Prince, is a prominent Nigerian Hip hop Artist and the winner of Hennessy Artistry 2009.He is signed to Chocolate City music label Chocolate City Group.

Alitalia plane carrying 151 passengers crash lands in Rome after its landing gear fails to open in a storm

An Alitalia jet toppled and skidded off the runway at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport last night after one of its landing gears failed to open in a storm. It is understood about ten passengers suffered minor cuts and bruises when the plane crash landed before sliding to a halt after a flight from Madrid. The Italian news agency ANSA quoted officials saying the ten 'code green' injuries were treated at the airport.

I'll Kick Out Illegal Migrants BEFORE They Get A Chance To Appeal-Theresa May

In a massive shake-up of immigration law, Theresa May today tells the Daily Mail that the British Government plans to ‘deport first, and hear the appeal later’ – after illegal immigrants have been put on a plane home.

Foreign criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants will be kicked out of Britain before they get the chance to claim their human rights are being breached.

The Home Secretary will also slash the number of grounds on which migrants can lodge an appeal from the current 17 to just four after the fiasco of the deportation of Abu Qatada, who finally returned home to Jordan earlier this year after a 12-year legal battle.

Mel B Acquires £200,000 Bullet,Bomb & Chemical Attack -Proof Cadillac Escalade

Spice girl, Melanie Brown,(Mel B) has joined the growing band of U.S. celebrities who are driving armoured vehicles which can withstand bullets, bombs and chemical attacks.

This £200,000 Cadillac Escalade (pictured), specially armoured and fully loaded seven-seater vehicle which is capable of withstanding  bullets, bombs and chemical attacks was delivered to Mel B at her home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, recently by Jason Forston, vice-president of the Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio.

Her giant, gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle will even give an electric shock — up to 240 volts-worth of ‘non-lethal current’ — to car-jackers, paparazzi or anyone else foolish enough to grab the door handles in a bid to gain entry.

At the push of a button, it will belch out dense white smoke to help the driver evade any pursuing vehicle, and pump out small spikes to puncture their tyres.

See amazing video of the bullet proof windscreen being tested after the crank

Britain Will Be Next Says Hate Preacher Behind Nairobi Mall Massacre

Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, a hate preacher wanted for recruiting killers warned that terrorists are planning to murder innocent Britons saying: 'You will all die'. The man, known as Makaburi by his followers which means graveyard said Britain will be targeted by terrorists to impose Sharia law across the world.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, he named David Cameron as a specific target for the Al-Shabaab  terrorist group, which attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, last Saturday.
Asked if terror would be brought to Britain, Makaburi said: ‘Yes. The British will be targeted personally. That means tourists on the streets will be killed. You will all die.

Nigeria: Presidential Media Chat Raises Angry Reactions On Twitter

As humorous as the first reaction is.......Many others thought the president's responses showed signs of delusion. Especially the second tweet by @ogundamisi below
See more reactions after the jump

Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Best Photo Ever: Tuface And A Sachet Of Pure Water

He posted this picture and captioned it;...After a hard day's run, I cool off with some 'pure' water..
I think this picture speaks volumes

'Never Had A Birthday Present Before'....See her first birthday gift ever-Beverly Osu

She celebrated her birthday, yesterday 28th of September at the Aura Night club on the Island with Denrele hosting the red carpet. The Ex BBA-The Chase contestant tweeted the pic above and said; 'Birthday present from SHOECITY calabar...Giuseppe Zanotti shoe...dancing skelewu..Never gotten a birthday present B4'.....Wow!

44-Year Old Nigerian Woman Found Dead In her London Home! Her 21-Year Old Son Charged For Murder

A 44-year old accountant and mother, Tolu Kalejaiye was found dead in her London home on Thursday. She was found lying on her back, in her kitchen, with a large laceration to the left side of her neck.  Her 21-year old son, Oludotun Emmanual Kalejaiye, who lives with her has been charged with murder after being held in custody and questioned overnight by the police. Her neighbours have described her as a gentle hardworking lady who is very pleasant. Her son was in court today.

N30B Intercontinental Hotel, Tallest In West Africa, Opens in Lagos Tonight. (See Pictures)

The Opening of the 5-star hotel is still on-going at Kofo Abayomi Street in Victoria Island. The hotel is estimated at N30B and it is the tallest hotel in West Africa. It was designed by a Nigerian architect, Bayo Odunlami. A lot of dignitaries are presently at the opening ceremony such as Oba Akinolu of Lagos, Oba Oniru, The Alake of Egbaland, Oba Gbadebo,  Dele Momodu, and the Governor himself. 

The hotel boasts of 352 guest rooms, 34 suites, 8 meeting rooms and 4 restaurants

See beautiful pictures of rooms and inside facilities

FUNNY: Nigerian Comedian Bovi Writes Name In Ink On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

What else makes you a funny comedian?Lol.........Just one day Bovi, If that's your wish,keep the spirit alive.!

Video:Nollywood Actor, Jim Iyke Delivered Of Demons At TB Joshua's Synagogue Church

Need i say more?..........See video and more pictures after the crack

Nigeria Beefs Up Security As It Prepares For Likely Independence Day Attack

Security agencies have beefed up security across the 36 states of the federation as Nigeria prepares to celebrate its 53rd Independence anniversary on Tuesday.

Although President Goodluck Jonathan would celebrate the Independence anniversary inside Aso Rock, a police helicopter was seen carrying out aerial patrol of Abuja on Friday as part of security measures.

Also police commands across the country have mapped out various security measures to forestall violence during the celebration by paying special attention to churches, open fields and stadia.

Nigerian Man arraigned in US court for helping Al-Qaeda

A Nigerian terror suspect, Lawal Babafemi also known as ‘Ayatollah Mustafa’ has been accused of trying to help al-Qaeda in Yemen. He appeared before a United States federal courtroom on Friday.

The Nigerian suspect was accused of training with members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and using his English skills to help publish the terrorist magazine “Inspire.”
Judge John Gleason ordered Babafemi to be held without bail. No plea was entered, reports

Babafemi is married with children in Nigeria but has since been helping al-Qaeda in their attempt to recruit people who speak English to engage in acts of terror against Americans.

Photos From The London Tattoo Convention 2013

Never had a tattoo but heard the process is extremely painful..True?

More endearing pictures of the convention after the cut.

Women Shouldn't Drive,It Damages Their Ovaries And Pelvis?

Looks like the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia may not be lifted anytime soon with this new development. 

A Saudi sheikh, Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan said if women drove they would damage their pelvis and their children could suffer 'clinical disorders'Mean while in 2011 Muslim scholars said if the ban was lifted or relaxed both men and women could turn to homosexuality and pornography. In a report delivered to all 150 members of the Shura Council, the country’s legislative body,it was warned that within ten years of the ban being lifted, there would be ‘no more virgins’ in the Islamic kingdom.And it pointed out that ‘moral decline’ could already be seen in other Muslim countries where women are allowed to drive.

In this recent development however,the sheikh told Saudi news website '[Driving] could have a reverse physiological impact.'Physiological science and functional medicine studied this side and found that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis.
'This is why we find for women who continuously drive cars their children are born with clinical disorders of varying degrees.'

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NEW LAW: You Will Be Fined £160 If You Spit In The Streets Of Britain

When next you find yourself on the street of Waltham Forest council and probably very soon any street in London, Please "DON'T SPIT" except ofcourse you've got 80-160 quid to spare. Spitting costs so much these days you know! hehehe!...

2 boys,Khasheem Kiah Thomas, 18, of Hackney, east London, and Zilvinus Vitkas, of Ilford, Essex, were each ordered to pay a £160 fine, legal costs of £120 and a victim surcharge of £20 recently.( See photograph of the saliva that was used as evidence against the boys after the story)

Seriously now!.....Those who spit in public can now be prosecuted for littering after a council won a landmark legal ruling.

A council spokesman said the fines were issued for ‘enviro-crime offences’. 

Ja Rule Back With "Fresh Out Da Pen"

American Rapper Jeffrey Atkins, known as JA Rule, is back with a new single titled 'Fresh Out Da Pen' after spending two years behind bars for attempted criminal gun possession.

In his first post-prison speech, the rapper reflected on his experiences, new music, and his working relationship with Ashanti and plans for the future.
'Prison changes you a little bit. You get a chance to really be at one with yourself. A lot of late nights by myself in the cell just thinking about things that I've gone through,' 

Super Eagles Player, John Utaka Delves Into Acting

Super eagles star, John Utaka has delved into acting! He is set to debut in the Nollywood movie, 'Battered', which is scheduled to premier at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, southeast London, on September 28, 2013.

John will be acting alongside star actors and actresses like Yvonne Hays, Theodora Ibekwe, Collin Archer Pearce, Atto Erick, Marie Gomez, Nana Churcher, Lanre Balogun, DJ Ozzy and Tim Uche.

'Battered' is produced by Fatima Jabbe and co-directed by Lanre Balogun

Nuhu Ribadu Responds To Ex-IGP Mike Okiro, Says He 'Reeks Of Corruption'

"is Okiro denying that he is corrupt when we all know he cannot account for the source of the wealth he used in building a shopping mall in Jabi, a hotel with casino in Lugbe and a private school, all in Abuja? This is not to mention his property in Lagos and Port Harcourt, while he was still serving in the police. If a public servant, one tasked with the responsibility of protecting the lives of Nigerians and instilling discipline in the police, managed to amass such wealth, what gut does he have to talk of corruption?  It is a national tragedy that a man of such flawed character has now been appointed to head an important institution like the Police Service Commission. May God rescue Nigeria" - Abdulaziz Abdulaziz, Media Assistant to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu
To enjoy the rest of the story, click to continue

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why Then Wouldn't You Just Say Thank You God Every Day?

In the midst of pain and disability, she still raises up her voice in worship. Abba Father......It will be shame on us with all fours who yet cannot praise our God.....Just food for tot! 

It's Rhonkefella Make Over.....Your One Stop Beauty Shop!!

For every first time visitor, Rivera assures you of some discount.....y'all know how we do. #wink#..Lols.

The Hand bill (pictured) says it all; Address, contact numbers, Packages and beautiful models already made up. You need to see what these models looked like before this transformation. hehehe!.....Take a look after the crack

Follow Rhonkefella on twitter @Rhonkefella and on facebook at Present locations are at Apo,Abuja and Shomolu, Lagos.Contact lines:+2347067433450 & +2348062917099

Afrocandy's First Insightful Statement Ever.Or So It Seems...Lol! (READ)

 Very controversial and popular Nigerian actress, Afrocandy has finally made what seems to many as 'an insightful' statement. Reacting to the Kenyan Mall massacre, she said...
 "Would it not be better to make Guns and Bombs available for everyone to carry them on the streets? I guess that would stop all these senseless killings of innocent people everyday. After all it's only one head and one life we all have and I'll make sure I get you b4 you kill me. Ah ah! there's no more any safe place in the whole world all because some groups of people radicalize themselves and go on killing rampage for no absolute reasons. Please let people worship who or whatever they wanna worship and believe in whatever they want cos on the last day, God will not even ask you what Religion you belong to. Enough of it or there should be a Revolution"
#clears throat# Here are some responses

44 Year-Old Lawyer Hangs Self In Office

A 44-year-old lawyer, Kofi Yawson-Adjei,(inset) yesterday committed suicide by hanging himself. According to, Yawson-Adjei, who is the Secretary of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GIS) and valuers, hanged himself in his private office on the first floor of a rented premises at Adabraka.

The father of three is said to have left his Kokomlemle residence about 3 a.m. for his office (in a taxi), where the incident took place.

He left a written note directing a lady named Narh to give a signed cheque for GH¢3,000 to his wife.

Nigerians Consumed $50m Worth of Champagne In 2011- Forbes


Monday, 23 September 2013

Top 5 Bankable Nigerian Actresses

Four elements contribute to the success of a movie at the box-office. They include good script, experienced director, professional publicist, and most importantly, the big name stars.

In Nigeria, some movie stars have proven again and again that they can guarantee return on investment as long as their faces adorn the poster. They are Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Omoni Oboli, Funke Akindele and Nse Ikpe-Etim. Or how else could one explain the success of box office hits like Mirror Boy, Ije, and Tango With Me all having Genevieve Nnaji starring in them? And what about Figurine and Anchor Baby which both starred Omoni Oboli as the lead actress?

Here, We take a look at Nollywood’s five bankable actresses, their earnings and what is possibly working for them.

Has The British 'White Widow' been killed in final assault on Kenyan shopping mall?

According to a report by Daily Mail UK there are speculations that a dead white woman found amongst Islamic terrorists killed by soldiers as they stormed the shopping mall in Kenya may have been  Samantha Lewthwaite, the British White widow.

The claim, made by three sources to news agency Reuters, will fuel speculation that the dead woman is Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay, who is wanted by Kenyan police on a string of terror charges. Police will also investigate the possibility that she is a hostage dressed in one of the terrorist's clothes.(pictured above)

Asked if it was Lewthwaite, an intelligence officer said: 'We don't know.'

Anyway moments after the news broke, Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda affiliated terror group behind the massacre at Nairobi's Westgate Shopping Centre, used their Twitter feed to claim that Lewthwaite was safe.

"Picture Of Me Kissing Charlyboy Was Photoshopped"- Derenle Edun

Denrele Edun, on Rubbin’ Minds TV show, talked about Goldie, his sexual orientation and his relationship with Charly Boy.

See more after the crack

The 13 Year Old Boy Without A Reproductive Organ

13 year-old Uchenna Ekezie, born March 5, 2000 has lived with a genital deformity all his life. He was born with what is described in medical parlance as maldeveloped external genitalia. In lay terms, he has no visible external male reproductive organs. All he has to show is a rudimentary stump that is less than an inch long. No thanks to this congenital abnormality, Uchenna cannot urinate normally. Worse still, his hopes of biologically fathering children in the future currently hang in the balance.

Although Uchenna, who hails from the Ejike Ezekie family of Umuariam Obowo LGA of Imo State,  has undergone series of major surgeries at the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia,  he requires a total of N4.5 Million to undergo two more outstanding surgeries  in India to complete his restoration.

Breaking News: Oyo State Governor Sacks All Commissioners, Advisers

Unconfirmed reports have stated that Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, has sacked all his commissioners, assistants, and advisers. This announcement was made following the dissolution of Oyo state cabinet members by the governor a while ago.