Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Police Officer Accused Of Uncovering Whitney Houston's Naked Body,Saying 'She Still Looks Good'

New claims have been filed against Terry Nutall, a Beverly Hill police sergent, who is alleged to have disturbed the scene of Whitney Houston's death by moving a sheet which covered the dead singer's naked body to an area below her pubic region before making inappropriate comments on how good she still looked. Utterly unbelievable right?….I thought so too.

Beverly Hill police sergeant Terry Nutall 'knelt beside and leaned over' the singer, and removed the sheet from her body to an area below her pubic region before making inappropriate comments, it is alleged.

The accusations are detailed in a claim filed by former Beverly Hills SWAT supervisor Brian Weir.

NBC News reports that Weir was the senior patrol sergeant on duty at the time and had 'attempted to secure and preserve the scene of the death.'

He claims that after a sheet was placed over Ms Houston's body, Nutall arrived on the scene and with 'no legitimate law enforcement inquiry, investigative, or other proper and legal purpose' removed the sheet.

Weir states that Nutall was nearly touching the singer’s body, and then commented that she looked attractive for her age and state, adding: 'Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?’
Weir said he reported the alleged misconduct and as a result was removed from his position as head of the SWAT team.

The claim has been filed with the city of Beverly Hills and other California state agencies.
A civil lawsuit is expected to be filed within 30 days.

Beverly Hills Police Lt. Lincoln Hoshino told NBC he disputed the claim and was unaware of any lawsuit by Weir.

He said Nutall was the detective division sergeant on duty and that because he was near the scene it was correct for him to respond. He added that he was not aware of any inappropriate behaviour or comments, saying that the department stood behind the investigation 100 per cent.

Houston was found dead on 11 February last year in a Beverly Hills hotel bath. She was 48.
She had reportedly been preparing to attend a pre-Grammy party thrown by her mentor Clive Davis, when her personal assistant returned to her hotel room and found her in the bath, unresponsive.

Authorities said her death was an accidental drowning due to cocaine use and heart disease.
Paramedics battled to revive the singer but she was pronounced dead hours before she had been due to perform at the pre-Grammys party.


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