Monday, 30 September 2013

Tears Of Sorrow As Death Toll Hit 78 In Yobe Attack

Fresh figures increasing the total number of casualties in the inhuman attack on college students at the College of Agriculure, Gujba ,Yobe State are becoming frightening as total number of casualties hit 78. At least 50 of these students were attacked with swords, knives and guns in the early hours of yesterday morning as they slept in their hostel. 

While some were shot, others were butchered with swords and knives like animals. The gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram sect members later moved to houses around the hostel, killing residents they find. They blocked the Damaturu-Maiduguri road and freely killed travellers. At the time of this report, 78 bodies have so far been counted, with many more still unaccounted for. 
Read below the account of one of the student who was lucky to have survived...

"They started gathering students into groups outside then they opened fire and killed one group and then moved onto the next group and killed them. It was so terrible. They came with guns around 1a.m. and went directly to the male hostel and opened fire on them. The college is in the bush, so the other students were running around helplessly as guns went off and some of them were shot down.”
The gunmen stormed the hostels in two double-cabin pickup all-terrain vehicles and on motorcycles, and were dressed in military camouflage. They attacked 4 male hostels but left off the only female hostel. Swords and knives were used to kill at least 30 male students. Some corpses that were found were without heads while others had heads hanging to the bodies. Wailing parents and relatives were at the Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital mortuary in Damaturu this morning to identify their loved ones while the president was on air yesterday during a media chat saying he didn’t know if Shekau was dead or alive!!

I have said more than enough words in the last sentence…I’m moving on to the next story. #Eni ba lomo#

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