Monday, 23 September 2013

Three Couples To Have Sex On New Mariella's Frostrup's Channel 4 Live Show.

'It's not about the technicalities of sex but more about discussing what it means to them as a couple.'  - Ralph Lee, Channel 4's head of factual programming.
A new television show will feature three couples taking turns to have sex in a sound-proof glass box in a television studio before being interviewed by 50 year-old Mariella Frostrup (pictured right) and a panel of sex experts on the 'Sex Box show' on Channel 4.

The three couples, two straight and one gay, will take turns to step into the frosted glass box before being quizzed about what they got up to by host Mariella Frostrup and a panel of sex experts. Makers of the show-‘ Sex Box’, claim that the programme, which will air on Channel 4, is intended to 'reclaim sex from pornography'.

Channel 4 has a history of broadcasting sex-related programmes. In 1986 the channel introduced a warning Red Triangle symbol to highlight risqué late-night programmes - soon the shows flagged by this symbol gained a larger than expected audience.
When Michael Grade was chief executive of the channel from 1987-1997 he was dubbed Britain's 'pornographer-in-chief' for his fondness for commissioning downmarket programmes.
Popular Channel 4 programmes include The Joy Of Teen Sex, Confessions Of A Male Stripper, and Dogging Tales, which was described as 'an intimate and compelling insight into why men and women engage in or watch sexual activity in front of strangers'.

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