Monday, 30 September 2013

Mel B Acquires £200,000 Bullet,Bomb & Chemical Attack -Proof Cadillac Escalade

Spice girl, Melanie Brown,(Mel B) has joined the growing band of U.S. celebrities who are driving armoured vehicles which can withstand bullets, bombs and chemical attacks.

This £200,000 Cadillac Escalade (pictured), specially armoured and fully loaded seven-seater vehicle which is capable of withstanding  bullets, bombs and chemical attacks was delivered to Mel B at her home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, recently by Jason Forston, vice-president of the Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio.

Her giant, gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle will even give an electric shock — up to 240 volts-worth of ‘non-lethal current’ — to car-jackers, paparazzi or anyone else foolish enough to grab the door handles in a bid to gain entry.

At the push of a button, it will belch out dense white smoke to help the driver evade any pursuing vehicle, and pump out small spikes to puncture their tyres.

See amazing video of the bullet proof windscreen being tested after the crank
Some customers specify pressurised cabins and on-board oxygen supplies to protect against chemical and gas attacks.

Other celebrities who own different ranges of armoured cars include; Tiger Woods, Steven Seagal, Rapper TI, Kanye West(ordered for two @£800,000 each), David Cameron has one as his official car.

But trumping them all is U.S. President Barack Obama with his gargantuan armoured Cadillac-style limousine, dubbed ‘The Beast’, which follows him around the globe on official visits.
Truly, what life is worth to you determines how much you will be willing to invest in protecting yourself.

No doubt, Scary Spice would agree. The former Spice Girl’s current vehicle certainly brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘girl power’.
The £200,000 Escalade is capable of withstanding bullets, bombs and chemical attacks

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