Friday, 13 September 2013

'My ordeal in the hands of My Abductors' - Mike Ozekhome recounts(Video)

Chief Mike Ozekhome in this video explained how he was kidnapped and kept for two weeks. He said the kidnappers are graduates and speak good English. They negotiated with his colleagues, two other Barristers few days after he was abducted. And last week Friday, they arranged to meet with them. Soon has the Barristers arrived the scene, they were also abducted. They were kept there with him till yesterday morning when they were released around 7am. He didn't mention the amount they paid before they were released. The point is this, these kidnappers who are graduates are smart, intelligent and when they encountered the Policemen who ran into them at the point of his abduction, they killed some of them. He said, they even made gest of them and said, 'by tomorrow they will say in the news that they killed some of us, meanwhile none of us is injured. Indeed, It's sad. How can there be a road block at around 3pm on an expressway, in broad day light. Ozekhime  said the kidnappers car was already parked in the middle of the road waiting for them.

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  1. Am not supporting dis kidnappers but d government need to do something about dis... I remember wen I was young we all sang 'we are the leaders of tonorrow' but all d people who are leading den r still there, no opportunity for youths in the country a lot of youth are all over western world looking for greener pasture.... and some the ones at home r kidnappers, robbers, bus conductor, name it...... I pray God will make Nigeria a better place.