Monday, 30 September 2013

Man,50 Must Prove He Is Over 18 Before Being Allowed To Buy Booze At Morrison's!!

You just can never guess how old Charles Brown( pictured above ) is............ Read the story

Father-of-three Charles Brown (pictured), 50, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was asked to provide an ID by a female cashier at his local Morrison's store in Elland where he went to get some booze. Mr Brown, whose oldest child is 30, thought she was joking but when he told her his age she still was not convinced. She called a manager who also insisted on seeing some ID after Mr Brown told her his age.

Morrison’s has a policy of challenging customers to prove they are over the age of 25 before they are allowed to buy alcohol.

The man is not only 50,he has 3 kids - Natasha, 30, Ethan, 28, and Evont’e, 17. He is married to midwife Tracey.

Hey if you were the cashier, what will you have done, seeing the looks of this dude? He sure looks good for his age.

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