Friday, 31 January 2014

Miss Amiyah, formerly Master Arthur Scott shares new pics of self as a man

Miss Amiyah Scott, 25,born Arthur Scott shared a picture of herself as a man on instagram a few hours ago. Born in Manhattan and raised in Orleans, Amiyah  is rumored to have dated several high profile rappers, singers(including Trey Songz) & athletes. Amiyah is the official 'it' girl transgender on the scene.(see her recent pictures as a full blown lady after the crack)

When asked if sex change ever get in between her potential relationships ? she responded:

‘’ It depends.. I've gotten to the point where it's no secret.. So when approached, I immediately ask "Do you KNOW who I am?" If dudes know who I am already then its all good! Im NOT shy & I'm comfortable with myself..And if they don't.. I tell them to "Google Me" (not to be cocky) but to eliminate wasting time! If in public, I can't have the conversation that I want to in order to explain my "situation" so I ask for their phone, go to Google & search myself.. Pass it to them & walk away.. If they come back.. It's obvious. When I'm approached, I'm immediately
"not interested" (it's hard when they're cute!) but I still act very nonchalant.. Saying things like "You're not ready" "This is not what you want" or "Im a very special girl" Im great with words so it's a lot of ways to say it.. But to eliminate the spill I just let them read up on me & analyze it themselves! It's a private thought process.. It's rarely just "Okay, I wanna get down" from's usually "You're lying" or "Wooooooow!! I need a moment" (With the REAL straight guys) because they do.. Excuse my language, but it fucks their heads up! Lol. This is serious & they have to register this.. But trust me, they come around! And if not, they respect my honesty & still remain cool! If a guy is attracted to me from 1st sight, learning of my past doesn't eliminate the initial attraction! Its like putting a steak on the floor & not expecting a dog to go near it! On the other hand.. I can spot a DL brother from a mile away.. The Men who are cool with it are not always the ones that "get down", they just are comfortable and appreciate beauty & drive! Im doing that damn thing, and they see that! But the dudes that's poppin off, tryna out me.. Are usually the one who slides me their number.. It's crazy!
credit: lex monroe

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