Friday, 31 January 2014

NEW: The Bizarre £75 wristband that DOESN'T tell the time but reveals how you spent your day!

Oslo-based Norwegian designers,Theo Tveterås and Lars Vedeler have created a Durr watch that doesn't tell the time but gives the wearer timely notifications by vibrating every five minutes. The design features a colourful fabric circle with a simple brown leather strap and a small button to turn vibration on and off.

The designers said they created the watch as an experiment to draw attention to the difference between time as it passes and how we perceive it passing.

The first batch of 50 £75 watches is said to have sold out in just over six weeks.
The Norwegian duo, who work together under the name Skrekkøgle, said that after wearing the watch for six months, it added a certain ‘rhythm’ to each day. But others have criticised it for being nothing more than an expensive ‘egg timer on a strap’.

Mr Tveterås said the feedback from other people was- it acts like a countdown to their death ‘which wasn’t the intention at all’.

The original units were constructed on a small scale, pieced together and dyed by hand, but the designers are now planning a much larger production run.

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