Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan seeks death penalty for cyber crime

Nigerian head of state, President Goodluck Jonathan has proposed a bill seeking the death penalty for any person(s)found guilty of hacking into Criminal National Information Infrastructure or any computer network that would lead to loss of lives
The bill which is called the Cyber Crime bill 2013 is currently before the House of Reps and seeks to address all forms of criminality within the cyberspace proposes a life sentence for anyone who uses any computer network to carry out acts of terrorism. In a case where there is no loss of life but the offender causes grave bodily harm, the bill recommends a prison term of not less than 15months while a 10 year jail term or a fine of N20million or both is been proposed for anyone who engages in child pornography..
The bill defines Critical National Information Infrastructure as 'certain computer systems, networks information infrastructure vital to the national security of Nigeria or the economy & social well-being of its citizen'.
Nigerians have applauded this proposed bill. You?

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