Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Updates on the Controversial Helle,Obama And Cameron Selfie! What The People Are Saying

Peeps I just read this in a UK tabloid.....tot to share....Amazing rhetorical questions and food for thoughts i must say.Enjoy the read. You may want to express yourself.

Will the world ever again see a figure so inspiring,so unifying,so noble,such a radical embodiment of christian forgiveness as Nelson Mandela?

'His struggle was your struggle;his triumph was your triumph.' said Barack Obama at his memorial service yesterday. 'We must ask: 'how well have I applied his lessons in my own life?'

A few hours later,the leader of the free world was applying the lessons by ytaking selfies with the comely Danish prime minister,Helle.

Our own beacon of hope, David Cameron appeared to be photo-bombing them. I mean, its great that we live in a world where we can enjoy these moments of levity....but guys.Srsly.

In the same tabloid Professor Gus John is quoted as saying...
The only speech to get attentive hearing at Mandela's memorial was President Obama's, and it was the only one to challenge assembled leaders to show evidence of following Mandela's example.But Obama was also challenging himself,big time.Robben Island was South Africa's Guantanamo; Sharpville and Soweto were like villages devastated by Obama's drones.

No one made the obvious point that during the 27 years Mandela was kept in jail the conditions that triggered the ANC's armed struggle worsened because the international community represented in that stadium accommodated and made deals with the apartheid regime in their own self interest. Some states,clearly, are more sovereign than others.

Professor Stefan Stern is quoted as saying....
Not a very British memorial service,seemed to be the thrust of reporting about Jacob Zuma's reception yesterday.Have  we already forgotten George Osborne at the paralympics? Among Mandela's achievements was helping to create a society in which a democratically elected president can be safely booed in public.

Hmmn! big story for those who know what this is all about.Can you infer?

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