Friday, 13 December 2013

Will The Evil Men Do Ever Catch Up With Them? Daylight Murder In Yaba,Lagos

Got this from a blog ( I read blogs too.hehehe!) According to an eye witness, the incident occurred on Tuesday Dec.10th around the Yaba area of Lagos, a car that had been parked on the road for quite a while, cornered a trailer as it approached around 4pm on Tuesday. Two hefty men then jumped out of the car and dragged down the driver of the trailer who was wearing a blue suit and began stabbing him in broad day light.

According to eye witnesses, one man concentrated on his head and the other on his tummy, while people watched in horror unable to help the victim. They stabbed him for several minutes while a third man said to be the driver of the car was heard shouting 'kill him', 'kill him' in Yoruba.

The incident which lasted a few minutes caused serious traffic and panic as several motorist, who weren't sure of what was going on, abandoned their vehicles and took to their heels.

After the men ensured that their victim was dead, they got into their car and drove off. A few minutes later, a huge crowd gathered where the victim lay dead where it was later learned that the dead man was the head of the Tipper 'Trailer' association in the Bariga area of Lagos and was just coming back from court where he'd been favoured in a land dispute.

His family members arrived the scene several minutes later, and one member was heard screaming "Can you see Kayode has killed my brother, Can you see". His corpse was removed by the police.

Photos were taken a few minutes after the murder took place. Find them after the cut...*Photos are very Graphic.....viewer discretion highly advised* 


  1. And nobody could do anything? People took to their heels because 3 men with knives were stabbing someone. They watched in horror when all they had to do was face the assailants. God bless America...murder in broad daylight, in public? I doubt it

  2. This is indeed very sad. Those who watched shld have the blood of the victim on their heads too. If the victim was one of their relatives would they have just watched? Couldn't they have atleast called the police? Com'on guys! This is simply a nauseating situation. Mtscheeew!

  3. Very sad... Cos of a plot of land