Friday, 21 June 2013


Mark Zukerberg is still on the list
Find out who made it and who did not in this year's "Youngest billionaires under 40,2013"
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No. 1: Dustin Moskovitz                        No. 2: Mark Zuckerberg 
Dustin Moskovitz Age: 28 $3.8B                                         Mark Zukerberg Age 28 $13.3B founder Facebook
co founder of Facebook  
No. 3: Albert von Thurn und Taxis                         No. 5: Eduardo Saverin
Albert Von Thurn und Taxis Age 29 $1.5B Car rise driver        Eduardo Saverin  Age 30 $2.2B Invests in startups  
No. 6: Huiyan Yang                         No. 7: Fahd Hariri
Huiyan Yang Age 31 $5.7B China's richest lady                Fahd Hariri Age 32 $1.35B  Sold Furniture as a student                     

No. 9: Sean Parker                         No. 10: Ayman Hariri
San Parker Age 33 $2B Facebook first president @ 24             Ayman Hariri Age 34 $1.35B owns Saudi Oger

No. 11: Yvonne Bauer                          No. 12: Yoshikazu Tanaka
Yvonne Bauer Age 35 $2.4B Runs publishing empire         Yoshikazu Tanaka Age 36 $1.8B CEO,Operator Gree

Friends these are the ten that made it on this list at this time. This list is not exhaustive and has not been arranged in any particular order.

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