Saturday, 8 June 2013



At a time when the banking industry seems to be plummeting, there seems to be a sudden corresponding awakening amongst bankers.
Oludare Johnson Adetosoye is one of such bankers who has given a face lift as it were to banking. Dressed in a sharp looking Ermenegildo Zegna suit and a Gucci bow tie with Georgio Armani shoes to match Dare wouldnt have left the Banker's Gala night which took place in Abuja unnoticed. Even a suit novice would have noticed the presence of this spot on banker.
We quickly caught up with him as he exited and asked to be honored with a snap shot... And yes! In his humble nature and although very tired, he accepted. 
Oludare presently works in a top Nigerian bank and personally asked to keep that detail away from public..Pardon us!

But hey!! atleast we can say this, not sure though....that suit costs around Rs70,000

We will keep you posted as this "formally unknown" bank icons begin to emerge. Infact we will fish them out.

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