Friday, 7 June 2013


Do you need to make your hair, nails or may be do bridal make-up?, We wont recommend Valitos Way but we will say confidently, TRY IT OUT. (This is not a paid advert)
We caught up with Miss charming on her way to church and gracefully she granted us an interview. So humble we must say....on her way to church?.....well yes!...thats how simple Miss Val Mojisola Fadeyi is.
Born and raised in a strong christian family, "Val" she's preferred to be called rose through the odds to become an achiever. 
She says of herself..." I want to be a source of inspiration to many. I want young ladies to read my life like a book when i'm gone...That will be a million years from now though...Laughs!!!......I am all out to stamp my feet in the sands of time. And i pray, that by the time im done, i would have left a true legacy behind.
Val is the CEO of Valitos Way and a chain of other fashion studios in Abuja, Nigeria. She is the self acclaimed "cosmetologist with a difference", a beauty and lifestyle coach...A first class graduate of Sociology from the University of Abuja. This beauty and brains has definitely stepped up the standard for her competitors.

Hear her...Don't sell your bodies...sell your Ideas.

Phew!!! Its definitely getting hot in here!


  1. where is this Valitos Way in Abuja... Never heard of it...Can you give the address?

  2. Call Valitosway on 08060998978