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I caught up with Komoblastic, the self acclaimed Afro Hip hop King. This dude looks really bhaaaaadt right, yea you can say that again......But didnt Mama say never judge the book by its cover?
One hour i spent with this dude felt like 10mins. You simply need to know him to believe me. Lets hear Komo
"For me, Music is life. It is the outlet through which i can truely express myself"
Olumuyiwa O Komolafe,  A&R Scout and CEO/DIRECTOR - KBMUSIC began his professional singing career in the late 90s He is known as the pioneer of Afro-Beat, noted as a political maverick and an unforgettable performer.Komo Blastic was instrumental in the popularization of his genre, organising the first Afro Hip-Hop concert in Lagos which drew crowds of 50,000. Like his inspirations,Fela, Bob Marley, and Dr Dre he offered something new to the game, as by truly embracing his roots his lyrical flow had a Nigerian twang to it, setting himself apart from his counterparts who rapped in an American accent. And true to being a pioneer, Komo Blastic has never allowed the power of his music to be dwindled on account of boundaries, distinguishing himself early on in the scene by capitalizing on his knowledge of four different Nigerian dialects, often using them all in the same track in order to increase the number of people who could truly understand and enjoy his music.

The influence that he has exerted on the Afro Hip-Hop genre is undeniable and continues to grow. This influence manifests itself through industry recognition. “Nwantiti“, the second single from the album “jungle don mature” was nominated for the Best International Music Video award in 2007 at the first ever Nigerian Music Video Awards. Popularity and influence can also be noted in the way “Na 2 Day“, the 2000 single, can be credited for the artists unbelievable success throughout Africa. This led to its title being used as a slogan by both the young and the old. The regard for this song was not limited to West Africa but extended to the South, inspiring the South African Channel O Documentary “On the Streets of Lagos” which charted the rise of this genre. While residing in London, the Nigerian born artist, continued in his pioneering streak, breaking cultural barriers and stereotypes in order to give Afro Hip-Hop international acclaim.It is through live performance, however, that Komo Blastic truly connects with his fans. Exchanging an energy which is limited to this form of creative outlet. To name, but two, in May 2008 he performed alongside R&B legend Joe and the 2008 Mix Festival, London, at which he performed beside some of the UK’s most noted Hip-Hop artists including Sway and Bashy. Truly, highlighting that Komo Blastic is carving his way into the UK and US market, distinguishing himself as one of the most entertaining Nigerian artists on the scene. Warmly known by his fans and peers alike “The King of Afro Hip Hop” returned to Nigeria at the end of 2008 to launch and promote his album and prepare for his world tour.Komo is not diverse in challenging musical boundaries. His new album “jungle don mature” is no exception! The artists sophomore album is 18 tracks deep, including:“Jungle Don Mature” Featuring The EvidenceProduced by Dr Frabs The Remix with 2 bonus tracks:1 Jungle don mature 2 Komo’s 10min

While, the album, is a true testament of the passion that Komo Blastic has for his Nigerian heritage, in the same breathe it showcases the level of freedom with which he approaches music. The level of freedom from which was birthed his genre of choice: Afro Hip-Hop. Freedom which has fused the talking drum with a hip-hop beat and lyrical content in various African tongues. Freedom which perfectly explains the eclectic choice of producers on the album. Ranging from the influential Nigerian UK based Skillz a.k.a JJC produced 4 tracks Caro, Na 2day remix, Bhangra party and Nwantiti. American talent Kayo, of Shady Blue fame, who produces on the track Police Dey Come, to up and coming Prince Digital who adds an Asian feel to the compilation with his club mix of the smash hits Gbosa and Break sum’(kpankpala Robo) also producing is Charles bosco who adds his Asian Rhythm to add to the list of producers is Tony B from South Africa and Gido from Ghana this why komo refers to this album as a continental album
Komo Blastic has the approval of the international crowds as well as Nigerian gatekeepers, such as top promoters Black Knights,411 ent and well renowned UK, Naija and DJs worldwide.This is set to be a defining year for both Komo Blastic and the Afro Hip-Hop genre! 

"jungle don truely mature"


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