Friday, 7 June 2013


More and more students are turning to agents

As much as the world is increasingly interconnected, it is still a very big place, with thousands of miles – and airfare dollars – separating prospective students from the institutions that may be the perfect place for them to study. Students who are considering study abroad are aware of the substantial financial and time investment such a decision requires, so they are naturally interested in as much professional help as they can get to ensure they are making a wise choice. They are certainly using the web for research purposes, but study abroad still can’t be decided upon or “booked” on the web in the same way that a hotel room or even holiday can be – it is simply too large and personal an investment.

The financial investment of and distance inherent in study abroad understandably creates demand for locally available experts who may help in everything from study plan counselling to pre-departure, intensive language classes, arranging for standardised tests, flight reservations, planning for required insurance, visa and immigration assistance, pre-departure briefings, and even career guidance post-graduation.

In many countries, there is now an expectation that such professional services are to be found via an independent education agent/agency........

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