Wednesday, 12 June 2013



Not a member of the Sean Combs family, this young British born Nigerian Music entrepreneur was born Oluwaseun Komolafe. If there is anyone storming your airwaves at the moment, it has to be him.

Sean Kd-The Romantic Nigerian Boy (RnB)as he is fondly known made his first appearance on the music scene in 2000, where he featured on the hit song NA TODAY by KOMO his brother.

He left the shores of Nigeria in August,2000 for the UK to further his studies..hear him..." Whatever we do, i think the standards of education should not be compromised" This RnB finally set up an independent record label "OKSOUNDZ"  upon his return in 2005, and sealed his efforts with the release of his first album titled " Passion+Pain=Progress in 2009. The Album immediately went platinum.

Sean Kd is a producer, entertainer, music writer and a talented music recording artist who has produced works for various artists and worked with icons like Terry G and Olu Maintain.

In 2010, he added to his list of achievements when he established his music production institute- Creative Minds Music Institute (CMMI) which was strategically designed to create a training platform for aspiring musicians and producers to learn the art of music.
See video of his new single tagged "Control me" from the Romantic Nigerian Boy Album below


  1. Great work sean! Kuddos

  2. Nice one sean... I luv dis

  3. Nice video
    This post- " Passion+Pain=Progress in 2009. The Album immediately went platinum".

    Be specific about the platinum- US plat is a million copies, UK is 300thou copies while Uruguay is just 4000 copies. Which one?

    1. Well dear reader, as soon as we could we got intouch with the artist who said he has sold 700,000 copies. At this point we leave u to decide in which of the countries you listed,you wanna place him.We report and leave discussions and/judgement to our audience.Thanks for the question though