Sunday, 9 June 2013


We gave you our word. We are not so much about the 2faces, D'banjs and P-squares of this world. We said we will fish out the hidden golden icons of tomorrow, didn't we?

Well after a long search we found Miss Shimite Evelyn Etamah popularly called "Eve" by friends.This graceful piece of perfectly built and divinely created art work walked past us somewhere in Port Harcourt,Nigeria. She smelt of cash. We knew it, there must be something about this lady, so we followed.......PAPARAZZI you said? Exactly.......After granting us an interview, we found out she was a banker in one of the top banks in Nigeria. Unmarried and not just so, very single, she looked like a mermaid..........BUT GUYS WE'VE GOT BAD NEWS.

She says she's heard more than enough lyrics from her pile of CDs and any guy who wants to come should be able to sing better songs. "Besides right now, i'm career driven". she said.

We found out how very humble, down to earth and loving she was within our short time with this made-to-fit beauty. Guys we let you have the final say......over to you!!!!

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