Friday, 5 July 2013


Sometimes people wonder what it feels like to grow up without a father. I can pretty much understand that alot of people who grew up in loving families would never be able to appreciate the pain and trauma their counterparts who grew up with single or no parents at all go through daily.
So it was for young Aveion Jnr for 10 years having to go through life with an absent father.Cason Aveion Snr who grew up fatherless himself, ended up continuing the cycle when he abandoned his young son Aveion Jr.

Cason recently came back into his son’s life. And the slew of emotions that go along with such a reunion played out in front of television cameras courtesy of Oprah’s OWN Network.
‘I grew up without a father,’ said the elder Cason. ‘I feel resentment with my father coming up because he's never been around, and when I talk to my son, I feel like he feels the same way.’
For about ten years, Aveion Jr. didn’t see his father. Now 13, he mirrors his father’s resentment.
‘It felt horrible that you left me,’ Aveion Jr. says as Vanzant coaches him on. ‘It made me feel like I was a mistake... I loved the person, but I never see him.’
Aveion Jr.’s mother stands by as the two men try to come to terms with their estrangement.
‘I think I was a mistake,’ Aveion Jr. said as tears rolled down his young cheeks and his father shook his head in the foreground.
‘And that made you feel what,’ Iyanla asked.
‘Like I wasn't supposed to be here.’
‘What do you want to tell [him] now that he's back,’ Vanzant continued probing the boy.
‘That I love him...’ replied Aveion Jr., then with a little goading from Vanzant he commands his father, ‘You don’t get to leave me again!’
 Though retired now, Cason was a running back and kick returner for the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and Florida Tuskers. His career lasted an impressive 9 years.
Final: Alongside his mother and a studio audience of Oprah fans, Aveion Jr, 13, told his father 'You don't get to leave me again!'

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