Sunday, 8 September 2013

20 Best African Stand Up Comedians In 2013

Popular comedy site, has compiled a list most people have tagged ‘very controversial’. The site listed the top 20 best stand up comedians in Africa. Pictured right is Trevor Noah from South Africa listed as top on the list and left, Basket mouth from Nigeria closely following. See the top twenty comedians .You think it’s really controversial?...

1 Trevor Noah (South Africa)
2 Basketmouth (Nigerian)
3 Michael Blackson (Ghana)
4 Riaad Moosa (South Africa)
5 Klint The Drunk (Nigeria)
6 David Kau (South Africa)
7 Daliso Chaponda (Malawi)
8 I Go Dye (Nigeria)
9 Eric Omondi (Kenya)
10 Eddie Kadi (Congo)
Personally, I think Bovi(Nigeria) deserves to be on this list. See the remaining after the cut

11 Loyiso Gola (South Africa)
12 Ali Baba (Nigeria)
13 David Kibuuka (South Africa)
14 Kasambwe Mpulamasaka (Zambia)

15 Nik Rabinowitz (South Africa)
16 Foxy P (Nigeria)
17 John Vlismas (South African)
18 A Dot (Nigerian)
19 Daniel Omara (Uganda)
20 Gbenga Adeyinka (Nigeria)

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