Wednesday, 4 September 2013

After Emerging Winner Of BBA's $300,000! Kenya Man Emerges, Saying "I'm Dillish Mathew's Father"

After about a week when the organisers of Africa’s biggest TV reality show, Big Brother Africa (BBA) crowned Dillish Matthews winner of BBA- The Chase, a Kenyan man (pictured)has gone public to claim Dillish is his biological daughter. Coincidentally, a Namibian journalist exclusively interviewed Dillish after the show, where she said she was looking for her biological father. Dillish claims she has never come face-to-face with him and only learned about him from her mother.

The man who brought his claim forward recently said “I fathered Dillish during my peacekeeping mission in Namibia”. Her mum once said she lost contact with her real dad when he stopped replying her letters.

Your guess is as good as mine…..Why Now?

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  1. wayo man show face when the pikin don hammer! funny peeps tho