Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy New Month Beautiful People

I decree that September must be good to you. I have used the word Must because whatever we so forcefully desire is that which we will eventually get. If you believe September MUST be good,then September has no choice than to be good. In all of this and probably through the month you may see things that suggests that it may not be a good month afterall, I tell you, its all lies, cos if you hold dearly to that which you have decreed today,the first day of the month,the month will not end without it being delivered to you. And that is why I know that all your beauties that August failed to deliver for whatever reasons, September shall bring them forth for you effortlessly. I believe in blessings, God first blessed us as a people after His heart, it's your turn to bless someone today, bless your country that it may be well with you and yours,bless the needy with a small gift of love, don't let today end without being a blessing to someone and you shall be blessed in this great month of September. Happy new month and God richly bless you-



  1. God bless you Rivera. I appreciate you. Nice one.Stay blessed. Happy new month to you

  2. Thank you Kazzy. Thanks for staying tuned. May the new month start for you today with abundance as a sign that your blessing is here. HNM!

  3. Happy New month... Becos it in our heart God will definitely put all our heart desires in our hand..