Sunday, 1 September 2013

See Sample Picture Of The Arik Air Plane Tyre Where Stowaway Teenager Hid

Was Daniel Ihekina, The 15 year old lad who flew more like a luggage than a passenger from Benin to Lagos via Arik Air mad, stupid or simply on a terrorist mission? Question of these sort are still beginning to pour in. Whilst some believe his innocence many others think he was sent and have blamed the porous security system at the airport.

Anyway, analysts have released a sample image of where the boy hid and survived a 45-minute Arik Air flight at an altitude of 21,000 feet. Sitting or lying in this kind of place for 45 minutes? Hmmn! #to survive in Nigeria is not beans o!#

Till as we speak, aviation experts cannot give substantial explanation as to how he did it.

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  1. hmnnn how did he do this.... d wind and all that.