Monday, 2 September 2013

Two Nigerian Policewomen Caught On Tape Extorting Money May Face Dismissal.(Video)

In this video which was posted on youtube a few days back, two Nigerian policewomen attached to the Traffic Unit of Makinde Police Station, Mafoluku, Lagos, are seen demanding and receiving a bribe of N100 from a commercial driver along the Apapa-Oshodi expressway in Lagos. CAN'T THIS PEOPLE EVER LEARN?

The two policewomen will soon know their fate as the Police Provost Unit of the Lagos Police Command has concluded their orderly room trial.

It is learnt that the husband of one of the policewomen has appealed to the police authorities to release his wife from detention as well as forgive her for the offence she had committed.

A source in the police station identified the women as Corporals Elizabeth Itona and Jenifer Azingbe, stating that "We heard they have finished orderly room trial for them today (Monday)."

The source said that Corporal Azingbe is being detained with her seven-month-old baby identified as Nathaniel.

According to him, "Corporal Jenifer is bosom feeding her baby and she is in detention with him. The baby is seven months old and that is why the husband and her people came to plead for her release."

The video recording was posted on Youtube by one Afro Finlandia after a commuter in the bus recorded the extortion process showing the driver appealing to the policewoman who had stopped the bus from moving after picking commuter on the expressway.

As the driver's pleading had fallen on deaf ears, he angrily said, “Don’t abuse me because of N100. How much is N100? Me I don pass N100.”

The policewoman who was sitting in the bus was adamant as she said in pidgin English, “E no concern me. Pay me my own money."

The driver was seen telling the conductor to give the policewoman the N100 so that the bus could proceed on its journey.

“Give her N100. I will return it to you later,” the driver had said Yoruba.

The policewoman alighted from the bus after collecting the N100 and in company with another colleague hit the back of the bus and walked away from the bus to their duty post of controlling traffic.

The video on the social media caused outrage which led to the arrest of the women last week.

An orderly room trial into the case was also held last week and the policewomen may be dismissed just like one Sergeant Christopher Omoleze attached to the same station also caught on video posted on Youtube negotiating a N25,000 bribe.

The Nigerian Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar had ordered the dismissal of Omoleze and the same fate may befall the policewomen.

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