Monday, 9 September 2013

When Life Seems Difficult....

YES! Difficulties in life can make you almost nuts….But just before you loose it, I’ve got a word for you...

When life seems difficult, it's because you are comparing the way things are to how good you know they can be. That's actually a good thing, because it connects you with your positive expectations.

Each time you encounter what feels like difficulty, remind yourself to also notice your positive expectations and possibilities. Let that feeling of difficulty lead to a feeling of empowerment.

You know, without a doubt, that things can be better. And knowing that, you are just one step away from beginning to make things better.

Yes, you could choose to become dismayed about the difficulties. Yet a much more powerful choice is to become excited about the positive possibilities.

The challenges and difficulties can give you something very valuable. They can give you specific ways to make a positive difference.

When life seems difficult, respond with gratitude and enthusiasm. Then get busy transforming those difficulties into positive, meaningful value. 

It worked for me.Make it work for you.

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