Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Aviation Minister Replies FFK - 'You Are An Ignorant Individual Who Should Bury His Head In Shame'

It all started when Mr Fani Kayode(pictured left) asked the president to sack the Minister of Aviation, Mrs Stella Oduah(pictured right) because of the air mishaps that have thrown the nation into chaos during her tenure.

He said, ''How many more people have to be killed in air crashes before our President GEJ realises that he needs a new Minister of Aviation''.

Meanwhile, the minister, Mrs Oduah who addressed journalists few days back, described the plane crash as an act of God. FFK felt that was a very unprofessional statement as did most Nigerians. He therefore took to twitter to tell her - his God does not perform such acts. Tired of FFK's statements about her, the minister decided to fire back at him yesterday.

Read their statements after the cut

Oduah:  ‘Fani-Kayode was misleading innocent Nigerians and needed sympathy. “I have huge sympathy for them, the ignorant people in particular. Because when you speak out of context, when you speak under the influence of whatever it is you are under, you speak incorrectly and you mislead innocent Nigerians and that is what he has done. And he really should hide his head in shame.”

Fani-Kayode: ‘My advice and counsel to her is to grow up and stop being petty. She is meant to talk like someone who befits her office and not like a market woman or a fish wife.I do not like joining issues with women publicly which is why I was very gentle with her in my essay though I made my point.

But this particular woman is endangering the lives of our people with her incompetence and insensitivity and we cannot just keep quiet.This is a woman under whose watch almost 200 people have been killed as Aviation Minister and instead of focusing on how to save lives, her obsession has become smearing and abusing Femi Fani-Kayode. He said it was wrong for the minister to tell Nigerians that ‘’accidents are inevitable’’ and that they were ‘’acts of God. This is a woman who thinks more about how her headscarf looks, her jewelry and the jewelry of others more than she does about protecting Nigerian air travellers,” he added. He said if anyone should bury her head in shame it should be the minister and not him.

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