Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Banger Lee's Long Hidden Baby & Babymama To Be Revealed SUDDENLY!

Famzin.com releases the big bang! A revelation about D’Banj aka Banger Lee’s long kept secret of a hidden baby and a babymama.  On the site, D'banj is said to have a child somewhere but has successfully kept the secret for a while now. His babymama is believed to be the lady on the lingerie and on the left of the picture above. The owner of the said website is alleged to be Don Jazzy's friend, and when thenetng who tried to get to the root of this contacted him, 'He said everyone has got a source'. Famzin.com may not back out of this anytime soon as they have promised to reveal who the real baby mama is. All they ask “STAY TUNED”.

D'banj has however denied the story. But reports suggest that….. 'The dude (Famzin website owner) is D'banj and Don Jazzy's friend, so he must know a thing or two', lols….. Banger Lee…Ashiri tu!.

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  1. Hm-dirt diggers. At least he can count his achievements. Y'all can continue digging as that's what achievement means in your quarters.