Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fearless London Traffic Warden Slaps Hillary Clinton With A Ticket For Parking Illegally

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was slapped an £80 parking ticket on her vehicle after a fearless British traffic warden noticed that her car was parked illegally outside an award ceremony she was attending last Friday.

Reports say the fearless Westminster City Council traffic warden had noticed that the silver Mercedes Clinton arrived in was parked in a metered area on St. James's Square that costs £3.30 ($5.27) per hour. And her car had been parked there for about 45minutes without paying.
So the traffic warden walked over to her car to do his job not minding the car owner was a very big woman.

According to the photographer who caught the incident on camera, when Clinton's bodyguards saw the traffic warden, they jumped out of their nearby car to protest the ticket.
Voices were raised, a badge was flashed and fingers pointed, but nothing fazed the traffic warden who calmly finished writing the traffic ticket, an action his superiors readily backed up.

It is not known if Mrs Clinton intends to pay the fine, but it can be reduced to £40 if the possible future USA leader pays up within 14 days.

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