Friday, 11 October 2013

Nine missing episodes of Doctor Who from 1960s are found gathering dust in a cupboard in NIGERIA

Remember the 'Doctor Who' series?Only those born atleast around the end of the 70s may be able to remember. lol! Ask Alibaba the comedian.) 

Well! Nine long-lost episodes of Doctor Who which have not been seen since the 1960s, have been recovered after they were tracked down gathering dust in a store room in Nigeria.

Phillip Morris, the director of Television International Enterprises Archive, made the stunning discovery by looking up the records of overseas shipments of tapes made by the BBC.Among those discovered are The Enemy Of The World and The Web Of Fear.

Many have agreed that this discovery will cause much excitement for devotees of the long-running series, for which there are still dozens of missing episodes dating back to its early years.There are still 27 Doctor Who stories which have not been recovered or for which episodes are missing.In total, 97 episodes are still unaccounted for.

The newly found programmes - which introduce the character of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, better known to audiences as The Brigadier - will be available on iTunes from today and will later come out on DVD. The show celebrates its half-century on November 23

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