Tuesday, 1 October 2013

You're either a Nigerian Or You're A Learner, Happy 53rd Independence Nigeria

Happy Independence day to all Nigerians Scattered around the world.

Very importantly in this independence is not for us to celebrate but to reflect.
I have carefully chosen the GIF above showing the various terrible indices that make up the 53 years we have been together as a nation. Read through each of them and see how far we have messed up a blessed land.

However you will notice that at the end of it all it says 'We Love You Still'...
That's true patrotism. Who doesn't know how Nigerian's love Nigeria. For those that have left the shores of the country, you will bear witness to the fact that Nigerians in diaspora miss home and want to come back, but the big question is 'TO WHAT'?

Arise from your slumber o'compatriot,take out time to reflect and add your own little quota to help rebuild this great nation. God bless you, God bless Nigeria

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