Saturday, 31 August 2013

Jennifer Lopez Lands $17.5m Deal To Return To American Idol

Jennifer  Lopez has been paid a whopping $17.5m to return to her post as judge on American Idol next season.

'There was a lot of back and forth negotiating on her salary, but now it's finally been settled that Jennifer will earn $17.5m to go back to Idol next season,' a source told MailOnline.

'It's a major coup for her to land a huge paycheck like that and I believe she is thrilled with that number. It's a lot more than the $15m Britney Spears was paid to do The X Factor.'

In mid-August there were rumours that Jennifer, the mother of five-year-old twins Max and Emme, was getting a $15m salary for her third season of Idol, but the figure is actually higher.

The $17.5m salary is a big leap from the $12m paycheck J-Lo was handed for her first season of Idol in 2011. For her second season she was given a $3m raise to $15m.

It was reported last year that when Jennifer asked for another $2m raise to come back for her third season the Idol producers refused and she walked.

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