Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Woman Who Sees The World Upside Down

 Bojana Danilovic, 28, is seen here reading her newspaper up side down
'I was born that way. It's just the way I see the world,' 'They say my eyes see the images the right way up but my brain changes them. 'But they don't really seem to know exactly how it happens, just that it does and where it happens in my brain,' 'They told me they've seen the case histories of some people who write the way I see, but never someone quite like me,' she added.
Bojana Danilovic, 28 faces a rare condition that causes her brain to process images the wrong way. She is a council worker, working at the local council despite her challenges. She uses a special inverted screen at work and at home she has a television turned upside down while the rest of her family watch another rightly placed. Bojana Danilovic reads her newspapers from the bottom up

Neurological experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in the USA say she is suffering from a condition called 'spatial orientation phenomenon'.


  1. So how does she view humans?...

  2. She said it in her video now, she said she sees humans the right way up. What kind of condition is this one again? Lord have mercy