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Namibia’s Dillish Matthews was easily the most recognisable face at the outset of the BBA-The Chase. She left many clueless over the many names and references to her both in and out of the Big Brother Africa house.

She bears Tafadzwa Pearl Billings on her Facebook account.And on it she wrote:
“Please don’t add me, I have no interest in meeting new people,” ‘Dillish’ says on her Tafadzwa Pearl Billings Facebook account. But don’t take that to heart because she promises to do the adding herself in the very next line: “I’ll do the adding, you accept or ignore, which ever tickels your fancy.”
The misspelling of tickles catches the eye of the reader and it does say some things about how meticulous she can be.

If you are still engrossed in reading her profile she begins to say things that will put the ordinary reader off. “Like seriously, I don’t know what else you want me to say, why you still reading?” she inquires. But if that didn’t bring her out as uncouth, the next line nails it: “I don’t want to be your friend stop reading me! Go away! No!!!”The non-use of a period after the first sentence becomes even more noticeable after the first sentence here.

While you worry about that she reveals her love for playing the guitar and doing her hair. The hair part is in line since she models. But she loves ponies and princess stories too.

“ I don’t believe enemies should become friends,” she states. And adds:  “Clearly it’s not meant to be.”
By this time she feels you have known enough and tells you to ‘go away.’ But before you say ‘what the heck?’ she blows a kiss “Mwaaaah,” and signs off, “Thanks for the add.”

For a favourite quote, Dillish is stern: “Don’t call me hot, I’m a woman not a cup of tea,” she says.  It is noteworthy that Tafadzwa Billings gives her place of abode as Potchefstroom, an academic city in the North West Province of South Africa.

Is she Zimbabwean or Namibian?

The Tafadzwa name which Dillish bears has given rise to insinuations that she is Zimbabwean.  It is Shona and means ‘we are happy.’ But that is a name that has brought her more worries than happiness on social media. Her accent lays more credence to the Zimbabwean claims that she may have grown up in Zimbabwe just like last year’s Namibian reps -Eve and Edith - that only crossed the border in their teens. But some other fans are punching holes with the Tafadzwa Pearl Billings account which they believe is a fake. But the fact that the pictures on the account were uploaded in 2012, long before Dillish became popular in Zimbabwe seems to rubbish the fake account claims. The confusion is already pitting Big Brother Africa fans of both countries against each other. A certain Tawanda guy who has ‘liked’ the uploaded pictures on the Billings account is touted as the originator of the ‘fake ‘account.

Dillish Mathews, the princess?

With 14,034 likes, The Dillish Mathews page is described as the official Facebook page of ‘Matthews: business person, model, and entertainer representing Namibia in Big Brother Africa., The Chase.
The short bio of the 22-year-old on the page reveals that Dillish is the reigning Miss University Africa 1st Princess. But this is the page that is clearly buzzing for Dillish because the wall posts are up-to-the-minute. The backing she receives alongside Maria as part of ‘Team Marlish’ is evident here. The support from Namibia’s home affairs and immigration minister was evident here as a picture of the duo with the lovely minister received some buzz herewith 82 likes as at Thursday by 6.57p.m.

Part of Dellish-marlish Dillish?

The Dillish that goes by Dellish-marlish Dilllish lives in Windhoek and is from Rundu, in Namibia.  The Facebook wall picture is one that also bears Maria Nepembe’s face. The page seems to suggest that it was created for the Big Brother Africa show. With only about two posts with the last post on June 3, 2013, it is likely this page has been abandoned by its creator. The ‘Marlish’ in this instance refers to the Maria connection.

Maria’s friend...

Dillish’s friendship with country woman Maria Nepembe suggests that the duo knew each other outside the Big Brother house. And the many pictures of the duo together on the various accounts suggest a strong friendship

Dillish Oshiomhole?

Very early on The Chase, Dillish disclosed that she had been to Edo State, Nigeria as part of a Miss Universities contingent that visited Governor Adams Oshiomhole in Benin. But what got most Nigerian BBA fans interested was her claim that the comrade governor gave the beauty queens $3,000 each. And some have branded her Dillish Oshiomhole – just to commemorate that visit.  How many beauty queens were on that entourage, Dillish?

The Show.

Namibia's Dillish Mathews won the Big Brother Africa, The Chase! The first time that a Namibian housemate won the continental reality TV show.

After expressing her desires to be the first woman to win the Big Brother grand prize since Zambia's Cherise did so seven seasons ago, Dillish has done it for all of Africa's women!

The gorgeous Namibian started her Chase race as the proverbial underdog and was labeled everything from lazy to a pampered princess. As the Chase rolled on however, Dillish quickly emerged as a very strong contender for the Chase title and won her fellow Housemates and Africa over, with her quirky, accented alter ego, aptly titled Princess Dillish.
The Namibian made sure to stay away from trouble and coasted through the Chase by taking her place behind the scenes. 

While her fellow housemates got themselves into hot water, fighting and gossiping their way to what they hoped was the top of the mountain, Dillish remained grounded and maintained cordial relations with her fellow housemates.

The only time the Namibian got herself in a spot of trouble was when she and her good friend, Nigeria's Melvin, had a disagreement after she told her fellow housemates about a relationship he was involved in, which was less than stellar. 

Dillish and Cleo proved to all and sundry that women are indeed a force of nature. The two hotties pipped their male counterparts, Elikem and Melvin to the top 2 while, as well as their close friend Beverly.

Before the big news was delivered, Pebbles the fish surprised all and sundry with one last speech. "On behalf of myself and the other fish, I would like to congratulate you on your amazing feat. You are the 'specialest' ladies in Africa," Pebbles said.
However, one thing is clear! yesterday,25th of August,2013 was Dillish's night and oh what a moment it was! As soon as the Namibian was announced the winner of the Chase, the Namibian broke down in a heap of tears at the realisation that she has a cool USD 300,000 in her bank account.

Here is how Africa Voted this week (25 August 2013) - Congratulations to Dillish (Namibia) on winning The Chase.

Here's who which country voted for:

Angola: Dillish

Botswana: Cleo

Ghana: Elikem

Kenya: Dillish

Ethiopia: Beverly

Malawi: Cleo

Namibia: Dillish

Nigeria: Melvin

South Africa: Cleo

Sierra Leone: Elikem

Tanzania: Dillish

Uganda: Dillish

Zambia: Cleo

Zimbabwe: Elikem

Rest of Africa: Melvin

Total: Dillish = 5, Cleo = 4, Elikem = 3, Melvin = 2, Beverly = 1.


  1. I really think she deserves it. Very pretty girl and well mannered. A true rep of herself, her country and the entire womanhood. #kudosgirl# u rock!

  2. She really deserve it

  3. She is a Kenyan!!!!!

  4. she is a Namibian people where were this people b4.

  5. Such integrity. The Continent can be so proud of you