Thursday, 29 August 2013

London Central Line Tube Train Goes Up In Smoke As Panicked Passengers Struggle To Get Off (Video)

The video above shows the moment terrified London commuters struggled to get off a tube train on the Central Line after it started filling up with smoke, leaving them trapped inside the carriages.

The train was pulling into Holland Park Station when the carriages began to fill up with smoke. The unfortunate incidence was said to have been caused by a brake fault.

In the short video clip shown above passengers are seen frantically attempting to force the doors open while those on the platform try to force the doors open on the other side to let them out. Other commuters at the station can be seen hitting the emergency button to call for help.

A man is shown caught in between the tube doors as he struggles to get out of the train before station staff arrive at the scene. A woman climbs out of the train from in between the carriages.

Eventually, one of the doors is opened and the relieved passengers stream out.

Holland Park Station was temporarily closed on Sunday evening after the incident took place.

The fire brigade was called as a safety precaution.

According to a Transport for London spokesman, the smoke was caused by the train's brakes locking against the wheels.

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  1. Hmmnn dis people e funny sha.... Can't dey break the windows wat if it was bomb that is about to explode will they stand there waiting for emergency people to open door.... I remember d last time London was attacked 2005 or there about. God have mercy.