Thursday, 22 August 2013


It was reported here a while ago that Brandy performed infront of 40 people on a stadium in SA.We tagged the story "Humiliation"...Well my friend @Deidah just called my attention to the truth. On a report on his website, he states:
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It CLEARLY was bogus. But that didn't stop websites from running with it. Let's watch them run with the truth. Yeah right!

Recently, a conspicuous rumour went viral surrounding an appearance Brandy did in South Africa. Reports in
regards to Brandy giving a concert at a stadium in S.A. that seats 90,000, with only 40 people showing up.

Clearing up the rumours, The YBF spoke exclusively with Brandy's rep':

She was booked at the last minute to fly to South Africa to support a "cause"--not a concert. It was a cause that honored "Mr. Nelson Mandela" and there was other performers on the bill besides Brandy. She attended because she wanted to support the foundation and Mr. Mandela...a man who has changed history. This whole story has been blown out of proportion.

The post also says that her rep' stressed that this will be the first and last time Brandy will ever address the online reports. It's hilarious that these sites actually pulled random tweets to support their stories. Come on people! Do better!

Thanks Deidah

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