Wednesday, 21 August 2013

"Someday We Will Stop Hosting Idiots Like You In Europe"- Promoter Tells Iceprince

A music promoter in Paris, is not happy with Iceprince. Iceprince few days ago posted a picture of himself when he arrived Paris apparently for this show. Well things didn't go down well between him and the promoter and Iceprince got to the show at 6am, yes 6am when the show was almost over, lol. The promoter's friend, Onyeka Nwelue who knows a thing or two about the said show took to twitter to insult Iceprince on behalf of his friend. SEE below, all the tweets copied out in bold prints for your reading pleasure.

Dear Ice Prince, I used to think you are a smart guy.Someone put in a lot of effort to organise a show for you to perform .Yet you engaged in all sorts of publicity and running around, which I witnessed and even kissed your ass the day you arrived the Schengen territory and all you could do was to appear at the show by 6am and then come to your Facebook to 'apologise' to the fans 'who came out' last night, that that someday, a 'better show promoter' will organise an event for you,not knowing that it took those young men a lot of hardwork to convince people and tell people who you are.I used to think you were different from the other nitwits. You are a bigger cunt!No apologies. Someday, we will stop hosting idiots like you in Europe and focus on the old ones; or maybe the Bongo, Fuji and traditional musicians from Nigeria will behave well, as I kept hearing people ask in Paris,There should be a LYNCH ICE PRINCE campaign. Nitwit! Come to Paris again and behave like an idiot.

@Iceprincezamani I actually think you acted like a nitwit in Paris. Next time think about those who came out in the cold for you first!


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